Thursday, August 03, 2006

Street life

thought i'd post a few more pics. I went for a nice walk after work. I love walking down the back streets. It's a real maze, there is no grid to the streets, alley ways lead to more alley ways lead to dead ends, so you turn around, walk back, and look for commotion and head in that direction instead. The streets come alive at around 7 pm, probably because the blistering sun is down. people put out tables of food and chairs and their homes become sidewalk restaurants. I'd love to try some of the food, but my intestines know better. people kept inviting me to sit down and have a drink with them or chat. I hung out with a few people but none of them could speak english. I think they just got a kick out of sitting down with a foreigner. The second you sit down kids come up to you saying "hello" "hello" "hello."


Anonymous said...

we want more, we want more!!!

Bjorn Stoldsaadt said...